Hedera Consulting

Put simply, we support you to succeed in Asia.

Talents is our number one asset and we must begin with our people.

Our background is diverse and yet related, luxury travel, luxury hotels, fine art, Chinese ceramic art, stones and high jewellery, high-end medical, interior design, etc. Each of us has had the experience of launching European products and services to the Asia market and making the successful journey of researching, landing, operating, developing and continuously growing. Each of us has their little black book of VVIP, VIP and elite customers, as well as long established trade and channel partners.

We take time to study our clients, your position in the market, your visiblity and awareness, analyse your target audience, your direct competitors and based on your short term and long-term objectives, we provide sales, marketing, communication and digital strategies and services. 

Asia culture is vast and a lot of the times, words are left unsaid for the listeners to comprehend the true meanings behind. At luxury level, reading between the lines, scanning facial expressions and body languages, it is absolutley essential to be able to translate these signals. Thus, we have our culture training to culture-coat your team to boost their confidences, broaden their knowledge so they perform more at ease to better communicate with your high value customers. 

Again, thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Hedera Team